Delivering stress free sound and lighting solutions for your event.


We built this city // We built this city on rock 'an roll


Day Shift Productions simple purpose is to collaborate and deliver a stress free sound and lighting solution for your event. 

We do this by providing technical solutions that engage your audience to achieve a memorable, long lasting experience for your event.

We strive to deliver stress free solutions for corporate events, conferences, product launches, touring concerts and public events


With a passion for special events, we understand your unique needs and strive to reflect your event vision by working as part of your team to engage your audience.

We are a technical production company specialising in event audio sound re-enforcement and lighting and we understand the importance of clear audio. That is why only the best equipment in JBL, Allen & Heath, Shure and Crown are used throughout our audio and lighting productions.

OUR Vision

Day Shift Productions is a team of passionate and committed professional that are always striving to deliver new and creative experiences that engage and amaze audiences. We work as part of our client’s team to provide honest, fair and consistent solutions with open communications.

We take pride in our products and services being reliable and of the highest quality, whether sourced from within the company or externally from our established network of partners delivering value.


Number two is the happy hour at one of two hotels


Any way you want it // That's the way you need it

Choose from a variety of different rigs to suit your audio and lighting needs, location and audience size.

When you’re as pernickety about audio and lighting as we are, unfortunately one size does not fit all. Find out here what size front of house your live concert will need, whether you’ll need fold back or if you need communication for your crew.

We’ll work in collaboration with you to decide what production needs to be designed to suit your corporate event.
Large scale events with multiple sites and production requirements excite us. Here, resources can be manage though our extensive sub-contractor network. Band back line can be arranged on request, using only the best quality in industry brand equipment.
If you’re sound savvy, or a lighting legend – a DIY package will suit your every need. We’ll give you a list of our equipment and you tell us what you need and when you need it.

Day Shift Productions setting up a light rig in 40 seconds.


Just a cast away // an island lost at sea-o

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